Personal Interest : Arts, Motorcycle and Muscle Cars...

Peter was born in Ballarat, Victoria in 1953.
He went to the Queen Street State School and then to the Ballarat Junior Technical School, where in the last two years he studied art.  In 1971 he spent 1 year at the School Of Mines in Ballarat in art studies, before moving to Melbourne to work.
Peter’s career in advertising and marketing saw him achieve senor management and creative positions in advertising agencies in South Australia and the Northern Territory.
Last year he started painting again, after an absence from painting of many years. He wanted to paint a series of paintings focusing on Australians in war.
Peter has also authored songs, which includes the Australian War Heroes Song ‘Can You Hear Australia’s Heroes Marching’ (2001), a state song for ‘South Australia ‘South Australia It’s My Home’ (1999) and a Northern Territory song ‘It’s Our Territory’ (1996).

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If you would like to commission Peter to do a painting, give him a call.

In the near future, paintings available for sale will be featured on this website.